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Swimming Pools

Ghiacci Vecchi has two swimming pools. The first reaches a maximum depth of 2.50 meters and is ideal to do some practice.

The latter is cm 45 to m 1.10 deep, it is specially made for children and has a brand new waterslide.

The pools are fenced, in order to ensure maximum safety and to make sure that kids enter only if and when accompanied by their parents. That is why the access is allowed only by means of a badge that is provided upon checking in.

Free deckchairs are at our guests’ disposal in both swimming pools. A bouncy castle and fun, floating animals are in the swimming pools area as well.

Lots of fun for everybody!

The swimming pool is not open at night, but is illuminated.

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The Park

Our holiday apartments are surrounded by an enormous garden that migratory birds, such as swallows, are particularly fond of and to which the return every year. Besides robins, magpies and woodpeckers, you will see hares hopping from a bush to another, squirrels disappearing into the branches of pine trees and children running after frogs and lizards.

The children have at their disposal a myriad of games and playgrounds scattered in a huge park (80,000 sq m), a safe environment where the children can have fun and the parents can relax.

As a matter of fact, the facility is entirely fenced and cars have no access to the garden, they have to stop at the parking lot, which if free and shaded. The guests will have trolleys at their disposal, in order to bring their baggage, groceries, etc. to their apartments.

The garden has been designed for the entertainment of the little ones. There are in fact small football and volleyball fields, as well as ping pong tables (you can request rackets by the reception). Finally, there are countless playgrounds all over the garden: swings, slides, a bouncy castle in the pool area, a wooden house, etc.

Last but not least, Ghiacci Vecchi has a barbecue area equipped with grills and wood, as well as large table to enjoy dinner with your family and friends.

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One of the best way to move about the area is by bike. The beach of the Coastal Park of Rimigliano is only km 2.5 from Ghiacci Vecchi. A good number of small paths go through the park, which makes it perfect for a smooth walk under the tree or to explore the woods by bike. The park is also connected to the town of San Vincenzo by a cycle track.

If you don’t want to bring your own bike from home, you can rent one at the nearby camping (km 1.5 from Ghiacci Vecchi), where you can choose the one that meets your needs, among the many types they offer. Do not hesitate to write at our email address or to contact the reception in case you need to now the prices and the models the rentals has to offer.

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We always look after the needs of our guests. The receptionists work in the morning and the afternoon and they will satisfy all of your demands.

Go the reception desk in order to have information about the territory and to visit the natural parks in Val di Cornia, as well as the timetables of the train in order to reach Tuscany’s cities of art without worrying about the car.

By the reception you can recharge your hybrid, electric and Tesla  vehicles.

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We are Green!

Holiday Park Ghiacci Vecchi truly cares about environmental protection. Therefore, in the past few years, energy conservation and the conservation of natural habitat of local animals have been the pillars of our renovations.

We now have solar panel to heat the water and a photovoltaic system to produce power, they both help us ensure a higher energy conservation.

Every summer, Tuscany is plagued by long periods of drought. In connection with this issue, Ghiacci Vecchi created a poplar grove, which actually consists of constructed wetlands that help us reutilize the water that would otherwise be wasted.

As the environment and the needs of our guests are our primary concern, we decided to cooperate with Tesla and we installed three chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles (up to 22 kwh; the charge of the vehicles is not included in the price).

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