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Ghiacci Vecchi is just 2.5 km far from the beach of the Coastal Park of Rimigliano, a protected oasis between Piombino and San Vincenzo. The beach, mainly sandy, is completely free and surrounded by the woods, where you will find tables and chairs to eat, bars and facilities, located in a few key spots


The Gulf of Baratti is part of the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and it was a place of the utmost importance for the production of iron, since the Etruscan era. The beach, surrounded by pine trees, is both sandy and rocky.


The Coastal Park of Sterpaia, between Piombino and Follonica, is unique for its sandy beaches, free and equipped, and its safeguarded wood, characterized by the Mediterranean scrub.

San Vincenzo

The beach of San Vincenzo has a very fine sand and is equipped with all sort of beach facilities.

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Ghiacci Vecchi

Via dei Granai 29, 57021- Venturina Terme (LI)

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Ghiacci Vecchi

Via dei Granai 29, 57021- Venturina Terme (LI)
Telefono 1: +39 0565 846537 Telefono 2: +39 334 930 0696
cell: +39 335 5284680
mail: info@ghiaccivecchi.it