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Venturina Terme

it is the closet village to Ghiacci Vecchi. There are several supermarkets and shops, to meet your needs, and you will also find a spa and Calidario, a natural hot water lake.

San Vincenzo

A lovely costal town, ideal for a walk in the centre, at the seafront or at the harbor. There are many restaurants, bars and shops and during summer, several festivals are organized.


Main town in Val di Cornia and important iron and steel center, today Piombino still preserves evidence of its past: from the Etruscan origins to the Principality of Piombino, held by Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister. There are several monuments and tourist attractions, like the Town Hall, Piazza Bovio, one of the best square in Italy, from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the Tuscan Archipelago, and the marina, at Marina di Salivoli.

Campiglia Marittima

This medieval village inhabited since the Etruscan era still preserves evidence of its past. The most noteworthy attractions are the Pieve of San Giovanni, the Rocca San Silvestro, built in the 11th century by della Gherardesca family to control the mining area, which had been exploited since the Etruscan era, and the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro. During summer, several events are organized.


Located on the promontory of the Gulf of Baratti, Populonia played an important role during the Etruscan and Roman times and in Middle – Ages, due to the exploitation of the mineral resources of Elba and of Campiglia Marittima. Nowadays, you can admire the Etruscan necropolis and the remains of the old settlements in the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, the Fortress and the medieval village.


In this charming medieval village you will find several important wineries. Apart from its monuments, like the Town Hall, the Rocca aldobrandesca (the fortress of the Aldobrandeschi family) and the Church of Madonna sopra la Porta, Suvereto offers several festivals during summer.

Massa Marittima

One of the most attracting medieval village of the area, Massa Marittima is rich in historical, architectural and environmental treasures. The main square encloses the most significant monuments: the stunning Saint Cerbonius Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Fonti dell’Abbondanza, with the Fertility Tree, a unique fresco, and the Palazzo del Podestà. Apart from the monuments, Massa Marittima offers tourists remarkable festivals, like Lirica in Piazza and Balestro del grifalco.

Wine Road

Among other things, you can taste local wine and oil, by following the Etruscan Coast Wine and Olive Oil Road, which will take you to the most important vineyards of the area, including the birthplace of Sassicaia, one of the most prestigious wines in the world and a symbol of the Etruscan Cost.


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Ghiacci Vecchi

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Ghiacci Vecchi

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